If you coach athletes that need to run, jump, cut, throw, or hit…

Discover How To Take Your Athletes’ Game
To The Next Level By Developing The Explosiveness,
Stability and Mobility That Transfers Right To The
Field or Court

Dear Coach:

Are you making the same training mistakes that most coaches make?

You spend hour upon hour in the weight room getting strong, and you devote very little time to mastering athletic movement skills. You work hard on off-season strength training trying to “bulk up” to get that extra edge on game day.

You might even be using some cone drills, box jumps, or running suicides.

But going through all of this still leaves a big piece missing…

To bring the best out in your athletes, you need to make sure your approach to improving your athletes’ performance addresses the movement demands of actually performing—not just being a weight room superstar.

So if you coach…

  • Basketball players who want to jump higher
  • Volleyball players who want to prevent knee and ankle injuries
  • Football players who want to explode off the line
  • Baseball players who want to throw and hit harder
  • Soccer players who want to change direction quicker
  • Tennis players who want to cover more ground on the court
  • Lacrosse players who want to develop an explosive first step
  • Track athletes who want to run faster

The answer is the IYCA’s Ultimate Jump Training Program.

The IYCA’s Ultimate Jump Training Program is a resource for coaches who want to improve their athletes’:

  • Movement Skills
  • Explosiveness
  • Mobility & Stability
  • Injury Resistance

And the best part?

Ultimate Jump Training is designed to be used on the court or field, so you can integrate it into your practice as part of your strength and conditioning program if you don’t have the time or means to get to a weight room.

Join IYCA Expert and recognized sports performance coach C.J. Easter as he gives you an inside look into the exact training methods and specific exercises that he uses to coach hundreds of young athletes and that allowed him to play football both at Stanford and at the professional level.

Unlike other jump-based programs that consist of 500 squat jumps and 1000 calf raises, Ultimate Jump Training is grounded in proper strength training principles.

The program allows coaches who might not have access to a weight room to increase stability and mobility and progressively overload their athletes to prevent injuries and become more explosive.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Jump Training to Make Your Athletes Faster, More Explosive, and Bulletproof!




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Before becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist, C.J. Easter learned from the best performance coaches in the industry as a student-athlete at Stanford University.

As he began coaching and running his own sports performance business, he realized that most youth and high school coaches didn’t have the budget or access to the type of equipment that was available at a top flight university like Stanford.

But C.J. realized that despite the lack of money and facilities, the core principles of professional and collegiate level strength and conditioning programs could be translated to the youth and high school level with no equipment.

CJ Easter 1

Here’s what other coaches have to say about his no-equipment training systems…

“C.J. Easter is one of the rising stars of athletic performance coaching. His track record of success, and his outstanding programs reveal themselves in the athletes he is able to develop. This is no accident, no coach is more well versed in the science of performance training, nor driven to be better than C.J. For this reason, anything that C.J. puts together is required reading/viewing for me and my coaches.”
Coach Wil Fleming
“I used the XFT system to do a 3 day conditioning camp last summer for rec league football players. I continued to use aspects of the system for my teams dynamic warm-up period during the season. The season ran approximately 10 weeks and the biggest improvements I noticed were with the linemen. Their footwork and overall mobility were night and day difference by season’s end. In addition, I have used the XFT with my 11 year old son throughout the year and he is definitely faster, but more impressive is the enhanced ability to decelerate and accelerate from a variety of change of direction drills. The system is great, thanks!”
Coach Terry Boise
“Coach Easter does a great job detailing some time-tested effective methods for developing speed. I have used these techniques with great success with my athletes and hopefully will get to see Coach Easter teach on the west coast. I highly recommend coach athletes products if you want to use what works.”
Coach Jimmy Lamour
“I would say that your program has enhanced and confirmed what we do here at Wauconda. Where we battle the athletes that look other places, we have a a sound system with the XFT to train our athletes throughout our sports teams. We have gotten people on the same page and are training our athletes with a purpose and kids are seeing results. Thank you for putting it together in a teachable way that we can teach others.”
Coach Rudy
“We’ve included much of the XFT Speed System throughout our offseason program. It’s a great resource of information and drills that have resulted in our players being quicker and more explosive. It’s a great system! Thanks coach. It’s a great product.”
Coach Daniel Ellis
“Coach Easter’s XFT system has a direct impact on our football program and wrestling program. Since we have started using the XFT system it has been great to watch how our players have progressed athletically and get better with every workout. Our players have benefited from the XFT workouts with respect to speed and explosiveness while I look forward to continuing to learn from Coach Easter as he develops new products and posts videos with great information, drills, and techniques.”
Coach Ben Burk


What’s Included in Ultimate Jump Training?

6-Weeks of Done-For-You Jump Programming

  • No equipment is needed, and all the programming is included, so all you have to do is plug and play this system today
  • Proper progressions provided for every movement, so you can challenge your best athletes while not leaving other athletes behind
  • Great for in-season use when you just don’t have time for strength and conditioning
  • Perfect complement for your existing strength program to translate strength to more explosive movement

Complete Jump Training Exercise Video Library

  • Over 100 jump training exercises
  • Never-before-seen multi-directional and unilateral movements
  • Every exercise is demonstrated from start to finish with every coaching cue that you need so you can be confident implementing this system today

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Test drive” the IYCA’s Ultimate Jump Training for the next 365 days with absolutely no risk. Discover how you can use this incredible tool to gain a competitive edge over your coaching rivals. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied, you can simply contact us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.


Today Only $99.95

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Training Athletes to Perform on the Field or Court Is About More Than Improving Their Squat or Bench Press…

…And Ultimate Jump Training is your key to bridging the gap between gym performance and game performance!


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Make today great,

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Julie Hatfield
IYCA Executive Director


P.S.—Created by one of the top young coaches in the field, this program will give you the tools you need to make your athletes game ready.

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Today Only $99.95

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.